Legacy of the Lavender Footstool


This little thing has been with me a long time. It was originally painted by my grandmother. There’s even a good chance that she or my grandfather made it. It’s sturdy and small, and it fits under my blue chair nicely.


But after so many years, it was looking a bit sad. Originally painted white, it picked up a few nasty stains. In the picture it doesn’t look that bad, but in real life that large brown stain was much larger and much browner. The red heart in the upper left was faded and dull. It needed a paint-lift, and I had some extra of Annie Sloan’s Henrietta. It’s supposed to be an 18th century lavender. This paint in particular looks fantastic in bright lighting with other pastels.


I was sad to paint over my grandmother’s heart, though. It’s only a small thing, but it did seem symbolic. On the other hand, she’s painted so many things – and she’s better at it than I am.


I used gilder’s paste to add a small bird at in the lower right hand corner. I like birds. I use them a lot. Sadly my copper paste is old and gross and it doesn’t come together like it should. I had to use gold. Looking back, copper might have looked better. Or a dark silvery grey. But I don’t have dark silvery grey.

The paste isn’t really meant to be used this way, but I’ve done it before and it looks amazing, almost 3D. Unfortunately, it can also be really frustrating to use, and it doesn’t handle the wax that finishes the chalk paint well.

About halfway through the bird, right around when I was taking the picture, I realised that the point of a FOOTstool is a bit antithetical to fancy paste and paint. So new house rule: take your shoes off before you smear all my hard work halfway across the room.

Yeah, yeah, it should be dry by then. But don’t take chances.



And I added a heart.



Every time I paint something, there’s a stage where I hate it. Normally that stage is somewhere between coats of paint. Sadly, I’m in that stage now, with the finished product. Something about this color is just not right. It doesn’t fit with the other colors I have. It doesn’t fit with the gold paste. I’m not happy about it, and I think it’s because it isn’t finished. It needs more.

I’m going to sit on it for a while. I’ll keep you posted.



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