PD & Bee

Welcome to the official page for The Adventures of PD and Bee: Fun Times Had by a Merperson and a Lizard. I’m so excited about this whole thing and I can’t wait to share PD with you!

First, here’s a basic description of the Swamp Merfolk species I created:

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in anything

The merpeople of the Teth river wetlands are shorter and slimmer than their oceanic cousins. They are bipedals, with curving femurs leading to fibulas and tibias, long metatarsals, and digits (not unlike the hindquarters of a dog or raptor) ending in a fluke. Each fluke (the lobes of a dolphin’s tail) is a long flattened pad of tough, dense, fibrous connective tissue, completely without bone, cartilage, or muscle. The length of the merperson’s flukes are roughly 15% of their full body length, which can be up to seven feet tall. Their arms are more human, but shorter, ending in finger digits connected by webbing. The skin of a swamp merperson is 10x thicker than that of a human, and peels faster depending on environment (dolphin skin is 10-20x thicker and peels 9x faster). Swamp merfolk have sleek, streamlined bodies leading up to a wide chest and strong shoulders, providing large lung capacity. They have human-like heads and teeth, although their ears and nostrils are small and close on immersion in water (otters). The nostrils are situated on nosepads, usually either a dusky pink or dark brown, but otherwise the swamp merperson’s facial structure is most similar to a human’s. In coloring, they reflect their home, with dark grey flukes, silvery-grey skin up their legs and backs, and pale green down their faces and chests. Their hair is patchy, thin, short, and fuzzy, not unlike certain kinds of swamp moss. Their eyes are usually dark brown-black.

There are several other humanoid species in the PD&Bee universe. I’ll be adding descriptions and other information as they come up in the stories.

For this first story (!) I can explain a little bit about the main characters:

PD is an adventurer. She left her home and clan to travel the world and learn her saxophone, but she’s quickly discovering that the world is not as friendly as she thought it would be.

Bee is a nonbinary talking lizard. They prefer to be referred to by name or they/them pronouns. Bee is a bit of a mystery, and they like it that way.

Chande is pronounced “Shandy” like the drink. Think of the word “chandelier” if it helps.