The New Year, 2018 Edition

The first also honey post I published, almost a year ago today, was a list of all the new years resolutions that I never actually achieved – and in some cases never even attempted. 

Disney for Plants: A Trip to Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is a little bit indescribable. It’s huge, for one thing. It’s over 1,077 acres.

The Making of: French Porcelain

The Sèvres factory was renowned as one of the best porcelain manufacturers in Europe at the time. Originally housed in the royal château at Vincennes, it changed facilities to Sèvres in 1756, and three years later was bought outright by Louis XV.

Legacy of the Lavender Footstool

Every time I paint something, there’s a stage where I hate it. Normally that stage is somewhere between coats of paint. Sadly, I’m in that stage now, with the finished product.