The New Year, 2018 Edition

The first also honey post I published, almost a year ago today, was a list of all the new years resolutions that I never actually achieved – and in some cases never even attempted. 

The Also Honey Holiday Gift Guide

Which makes it sound like I disappeared for a month and have returned as the personification of kitschy consumerism.

The Adventures of PD and Bee, Part Four

The peddler that PD, Bee, and Chande hitched a ride with was on their way to one of the fortified towns along the trading routes to Percs, a place called Firpak.

For Want of a Good Cover

I’ve been wanting to do a post on this for a while, because I love nothing more than a good book cover, and nothing more than that than the whackiest, wildest, most unnecessarily upsetting book cover you’ve ever seen.